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Urban Development
Zunyi - China
The proposal for Zunyi concerns the extension of the university city already present, located on the north-east of downtown.
The goal of this project is to develop a set of complementary services to the academic field as shops, restaurants, gym, theater as well as residences for students and professors.
The lot is located on a north-south axis, cut lengthwise from a main road recently built.
The project idea has been to take a cue from the mountain ranges that span the city, by inserting a series of buildings that mimic the
sinuous lines of the hills.
The buildings, with variable geometry, housing the facilities for the public in the central part of the area.
This is the true heart of the community that introduces the theme of underground piazza which allows you to connect pedestrians to both sides of the main road.
Particular attention was paid to environmental sustainability.
The buildings are powered by electricity produced by photovoltaic panels to south and from wind turbines located between the park and the square.
The rainwater is also collected and reused for normal daily activities of users.
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