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The Sails
Gdynia - Poland 

The project is a tribute to the founding fathers of the city, who were fishermen and the marine architecture. This idea is reflected in the 4 main elements of the project; towers, office building, piazza, podiums 


The 2 residential towers (120m and 55m) are inspiredfrom the sails of a boat with its shape, curved in all 3 dimensions. The cladding is composed of a “milky” glass that creates a light and translucent envelope.

This year, due to the prevailing global pandemic – Covid1, we realize the importance of having a private outdoor space where one can enjoy the free time. For that reason, all the apartments, from the smallest to the biggest have private balconies which provide a surreal experience between the “sails”.

As a result, this uplifts the value of the apartments and enhances quality of living.

Office Building:

The strategically placed office building, facing the main street, has a shape inspired from the keel of a ship.

The south-east corner is raised height, as a result creating a connection of the inner space of the plot with the mall located on the south.


The curved surface of the office building, creates an organic shape that gives the sense of protection like being in a couch shell.

The seating in the piazza speak the same organic language and seem erupting from the ground and sculpted by the wind.

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