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Ski Qatar
Lusail - Qatar
Qatar has been chosen by FIFA for world cup 2022; that's a big challenge for the country which is doing several investments regarding infrastructures and hospitality.
Ski Qatar is one of this; it get inspiration from the typical desert tent.
The structure hosts different functions: from the ground, a luxury mall, at the above level there's a beach with SPA.
The real core of the project is the ski area, divided in 3 tracks from expert (black) to beginner (blue).
On the top of the tower (420m heights) there's a 6 stars hotel with restaurants panoramic view.
The exterior material is ETFE; a triple layers cushions of plastic membrane protects the building from the outside hot temperatures.
Ski Qatar provides to get energy from PV panels and geothermal underground pipes.
These green strategies will safe 85% of required energy compared to a standard building in GCC. 
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