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Paper Square
Mantua - Italy
The event falls within of the notice "Estate su MArte" organized by the city of Mantua and aimed at cultural associations of the territory. 
The intent of the work made by us is to create a space to serve of associations working in the field of music and theater, to be used during the summer season.
The installation can be experienced, in the afternoon, by children as a play area. 
The project also meets the need to recreate, on a smaller scale, the chance to live a temporary square and sustainable.
Special attention to the use of materials, mainly scrap and therefore destined to be destroyed.
For the realization of the square were employed 2.100 paperboard tubes, 140 linear meters of wood, 135 square meters of Mdf, 1.175 screws for a cost of realization of only 1.500 €.​

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