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L House
Mantua - Italy
L House has been designed to satisfy demands of a household rather large. In fact, the family consists of 2 parents and 4 children.
One of the main requirements was to create, for each component, a privacy area where people could relax and carry out activities in complete autonomy.
Other hand instead, parents desired a large living area able to dialougue with the kitchen, which capable of receiving in the evening friends. The plant of the house is therefore compact as possible on the street side and opened on the south, on the garden property.
The living area is centrally located to the plan of the house and connects trasversally the hall through the building.
The bedroom of the parents has been deliberately placed on the ground floor in the east; this favors a good exposure to the sun in the morning and, at the same time, allows the sons to have more freedom on the first floor.
Above the living area, on the first floor, was designed a multifuncional room, with sliding walls.

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