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Krnov Regeneration
Krnov - Czech Republic 

The proposal for Krnov was in response to the council’s Strategic Plan for 2016-2023, aiming to rejuvenate the northeastern Czech town and fulfill a primary driving factor behind the strategy — to ensure attractive conditions and services for life. The proposal takes an existing building in the town centre (the Shopping House PRIOR) and regenerate it into two smaller units. These units hold apartments, a library, a cafe, a civic hall and retail outlets, while outside the proposal features a piazza and a dedicated parking area.

Located in Krnov’s SC2 zone, the first stage of the proposal demolishes the existing PRIOR building and rebuilds one of its storeys. The next stage sees the construction of a piazzetta, a pivotal element of the design. This is then followed by the reconstruction of a neighbouring four-storey building, which will eventually be used for residential, civic and hospitality purposes.

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