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Ferrara - Italy
The project idea is to create a home that produces zero emissions and that energy can sell to cars can be build by the developer. iHouse has been provided with all systems necessary to transform the house into a bioclimatic machine.
The active technologies are aimed at energy production and management. The house is filled with a 4 KWp photovoltaic plant and wind of 3 KWP thata generates 4800 KWh/year. Rain water is collected and reused for washing machine and garden irrigation. The building is self build; the technology at our disposal allows you can think of more iinovative energy construction.
This "modus operandi" is reflected in the building system. Build their own home can save up to 50% of the cost of the property, which is why this practice makes it advantageous iHouse obtaining a building highly efficient at the cost of social housing.
Not to mention that iHouse is zero emissions and generates a small income with their energy, just a small domestic central; intelligent, innovative and ideals.


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