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Flower Garden Villa
Shanghai - China
The project identifies itself with space and three-dimensional continuity. There are no elevations, no plans, or sections. This is space within solid objects. The genesis of the concept is based on a proposal that is more volumetric than linear, creating spaces in front of creating shapes.
Unexpected spaces that enhance human life experience and seek to seduce the sensitive side, the emotional response.The scheme of the accesses has been separa- ted in three different categories: the main entrance to the Master Plan placed in the main street, named Jinbing Lu, near to the control point boot; the entrances to each of the 10 plots and finally, in the third category, the entrance to the houses, in most of cases in the East orientation.
The space for circulation has been reduced as much as possible, in order to give more space for the green areas. That is why the circulation represents only the necessary to give access to the plots. 
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