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Mantua - Italy
EkoHouse born from the desire to want to design a house with zero emissions, which produce energy for resale to the network, resulting in a monthly income can cover part of the loan for purchase. The urban sector is composed of 15 cells developed on 3 levels.
The cell has been thus ideally divided into 6 rectangles; the "backbone" of the structure is composed of 3 panels Plastbau that, in addition to performing load-bearing function, perform one of canalization of the exhaust system.
The distribution of the interior is characterized by the possibility to make versatle every environment of the cell. The cabs of two bedrooms have been designed adjoining and, through a series of sliding panels, you can get a space accessory to be used for their free time, without compromising the function of the other rooms.
The same principle was applied to the living area to obtain spacious living room or an area where you can work, listen music, read a book. ​

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